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UK based, singer-songwriter, writing conscious music for people who feel too much.


Rxth, is a Sussex (UK) based songwriter releasing conscious music for people who, like her, feel too much.

Sonically, it’s dulcet toned vocals meets dusky electronic-pop. Influences such as Kate Bush and Tori Amos reveal themselves in subtle ways. Dancing between the light and the dark, the alt and the pop - 'contrast', both visually and sonically is a theme she enjoys exploring.


Rxth's lyrical themes range from emotional explorations, human nature, and self-reflection, to questions of consciousness and where we came from.

It's this interest in the big questions in life, that sees her influences extend beyond personal and musical ones, to include personal and spiritual development, which adds an interesting, albeit subtle, perspective to her lyrics.

Rxth's aim is that her music leaves you better than it found you and to remind you that you aren't alone with your big feelings and big questions.



Rxth has written music since she was a child and says it has always been a part of how she processes her inner and outer world. She credits it as being her therapy before she knew what therapy was.

She went on to study music at university, then writing and gigging in bands in London, playing small festivals, working in the industry, and later writing and producing professionally for commissions (film and products).


While all great experiences, it was her passion for writing and sharing her own music that kept calling to her and that she is excited to be releasing now.


Her other passions of personal transformation, psychology, and spirituality are subtly woven into her lyrics.


She aims to be uplifting and consciousness-raising, whilst fearlessly exploring the depths to bring light where it’s needed.


She advocates for mental health and wellbeing and also enjoys having one foot in the mystical, spiritual and unknown.


Latest releases

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JULY 02, 2021

Braveheart' is  an upbeat, sassy track and a video with themes that are quite literally 'out of this world'.


Released on 2nd July to coincide with World UFO Day, the track is an invitation to deeply connect while the video explores concepts of extra-terrestrial connection!

"Braveheart is about wanting to connect deeply and going all-in with someone you really resonate with. It's an ode to the good souls and Bravehearts,

Beauty In The Spaces Single Artwork.jpg


January 21, 2021

Single 'Beauty in the Spaces' sees dark-pop synths, beats, and hope, woven together with lyrics that touch on current uncertain times, and taking us on a journey into the refreshing unknown.

The song will be released with a beautifully animated lyric video, mirroring these themes of transformation and transcendence.

Down By The River -Single Artwork .jpg


December 20, 2020

Emotive track 'Down by the River' released with a beautiful black and white music video.

"What started off as a love song to someone else became a love song of self-acceptance". -Rxth

This live, piano, vocal, and guitar recording captures a rawness that will no doubt resonate with all those that, like Rxth, feel too much.



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