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EP - 'Songs for Wanderers' out now

EP 'Song for Wanderers'

The five track EP 'Songs for Wanderers' released Friday 11/11/22.


This sees the release of the final two new tracks- 'Wanderer' and 'Hard to be Human'.


These complete the EP by joining the previously released singles - 'Beauty in the Spaces' and 'Starlight', alongside a new and unreleased version of 'Braveheart'. 

Expect lush vocals, interpersonal and cosmic themes set against electronic beats, synth and heart.

Written with people who feel 'too much' in mind, it's for the Wanderers, Starseeds, and seekers.

Listen and download here

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Rxth (pronounced Ruth) is a U.K. based singer-songwriter, writing music for people who think and feel 'too much'.

Stylistically alt-pop, meets singer-songwriter, with sultry vocals, beats, and heart.

EP, 'Songs for Wanderers' is released 11/11/22.

Influences such as Kate Bush, Trent Reznor, Billie Eilish, and Portishead reveal themselves in subtle and contrasting ways. Sonically dancing between the light and the dark, the alt and the pop, the 'sass' and the vulnerable. Rxth enjoys creating music with emotional range and interwoven styles because "we are nothing if not complex creatures and the soundtracks to our lives can embrace, reflect and celebrate that". 


Rxth's lyrical themes range from emotional explorations, human nature, and self-reflection, to questions of consciousness and where we came from.

With a keen interest in the big questions in life, her influences extend beyond personal and musical ones, to include thought leaders in the field of consciousness and the evolution of mind, body & spirit, which adds an interesting dimension and perspective to her lyrics.

Captivated by themes of transformation and the power of the mind, Rxth's aim is that her music leaves you better than it found you and to remind you that you aren't alone with your big feelings and big questions.

Support for RXTH's recent releases has had radio support from BBC Introducing: The South, and she has twice been a featured artist on BBC Sussex and Surrey. Both singles have so far received local radio support up and down the country.

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All Videos

All Videos
Starlight - by RXTH - [Official Music Video]

Starlight - by RXTH - [Official Music Video]

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Braveheart - by RXTH - [Official Music Video]

Braveheart - by RXTH - [Official Music Video]

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Beauty in the Spaces - by RXTH - [Official Music Video]

Beauty in the Spaces - by RXTH - [Official Music Video]

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Down by the River (live) - by RXTH - [Official Music Video]

Down by the River (live) - by RXTH - [Official Music Video]

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EP: 'Songs for Wanderers'
out 11/11/22

November 11th 2022

Songs for Wanderers

Five track EP - 'Songs for Wanderers' released containing two new songs and one unreleased version of a previous single.

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